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The days of waiting for weeks for your crown or onlay to be fabricated at a dental laboratory could now be over! 

Cerec CAD/CAM Computer and Scanner

Cerec CAD/CAM Computer and Scanner

Tuddenham Road Dental Surgery has invested in a revolutionary new system know as CEREC, CAD/CAM which enables Mr Paraskevopoulos to eliminate the need to utilize the services of a dental laboratory in the fabrication of a some crowns and onlays.

Traditionally the procedure for indirect restorations (those fabricated outside of the mouth) is carried out over two appointments. An initial appointment where the tooth is prepared and record impressions are taken by the dentist, these are then sent to the Dental Lab where a technician makes your restoration. Then at a second appointment usually 8 days to 2 weeks later the Dentist fits your crown.

By using the new Cerec CAD/CAM technology we are now  able to manufacture your restoration on site thus enabling us to provide this service in a single appointment. 

The first stage of this appointment is still very similar to before, except in many cases the machine has eliminated the need to record and cast, stone impressions. Mr Paraskevopoulos uses a scanner to scan the teeth to generate a 3D image on the computer, and then uses the computer software to design your restoration. The computer aided design is then sent to a milling machine (much like a 3D printer) which mills the restoration out of a ceramic block in approximately 15 minutes. With a few minor adjustments and polishing from Mr Paraskevopoulos, your restoration is ready to be permanently fitted.

All restorations are specifically designed for each individual by Mr Paraskevopoulos. We ensure that the restoration matches the shade of the natural teeth.

The main advantages of this technology are time saving, service to the patient and utilization of optimal restorative material. CAD/CAM offers excellent aesthetics, durability and strengthening of the tooth with a very accurate replication of the patients' natural bite.

Cerec CAD/CAM crown presented on a cast model

Cerec CAD/CAM crown presented on a cast model

Please note that the eligability of a patient for this procedure is to be determined by Mr Paraskevopoulos at an initial consultation appointment. Our aim is always to provide our patient with the best and most suitable treatment possible.

Cerec CAD/CAM restorations are provided by Mr Paraskevopoulos at Tuddenham Road Dental surgery.


Before and After images of five cerec crowns Mr Paraskevopoulos completed for one of his patients.